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About the Biodiversity Action Plan

The Biodiversity Action Plan is the response of the UK government to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It aims to halt the loss of biodiversity in the UK by 2010.

Biological diversity (or biodiversity) is the variability amongst living organisms and the ecosystems of which they are part. This includes people and our need for a clean and healthy environment in which to live, and resources to use sustainably.

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan describes the UK’s biodiversity resource and commits a detailed plan for its protection. This national plan is delivered through Local Biodiversity Action Plans, which use partnership working to identify local priorities in order to achieve national targets.

The Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan sets out the actions needed for protecting and enhancing wildlife in Sussex. It provides a framework for conserving and enhancing the species and spaces of Sussex to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy them.

Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan consists of:

  • Local Biodiversity Opportunity Areas map to prioritise areas for action
  • Targets for maintaining, restoring and creating Biodiversity Action Plan habitats
  • Partnerships of organisations working together to conserve biodiversity – for advice and guidance please contact us

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership contains representatives from a range of organisations including conservation bodies, statutory agencies and local government.

The Partnership was set up in 1996 to work together to conserve and enhance the special habitats and species of Sussex. This work is guided by the Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan.

The aim of the Sussex Biodiversity Partnership is to conserve and enhance the biological diversity of Sussex, contributing to international biodiversity objectives and enhancing quality of life in the county.

Steering Group

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership Steering Group includes representatives from key organisations in Sussex. Its role is to oversee the implementation of the Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan.

Brighton & Hove City Council
East Sussex County Council
Environment Agency
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
Natural England
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
South Downs Joint Committee
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
Sussex Wildlife Trust
West Sussex County Council