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The business sector is a key partner in achieving our national Biodiversity Action Plan objectives. Business has considerable influence on land-use and natural resource consumption, and ensuring this is sustainable is vital, both for biodiversity and businesses themselves.

A healthy natural environment is a key component in ensuring sustained economic growth and human wellbeing, and further biodiversity losses would be to the detriment of everyone including businesses.

Biodiversity can easily be integrated into business management systems. It need not represent a draw on resources, and in fact can provide many benefits including cutting costs, strengthening reputation, and improving the health and performance of staff. Listed below are just some of the ways in which businesses can be actively involved with biodiversity conservation.

Photo: Sussex Wildlife Trust


  • Raise employee awareness of biodiversity issues and involve them in measures taken by your business to help conserve biodiversity.
  • Encourage staff to carry out environmentally-friendly work practices such as car-sharing, using public transport, composting, swap-shops and measures to reduce energy consumption.
  • Arrange staff activities such as volunteering with local conservation organisations. These days are great fun and staff can learn new skills and meet new people.

Buildings and Grounds

  • Review management regimes of grounds to provide opportunities for wildlife – this can also save money on maintenance costs and provide an enjoyable area for staff.
  • Look for ways of building in biodiversity opportunities such as providing bird boxes or plants which are rich in nectar and pollen.
  • Encourage staff to monitor and record wildlife on site, to see what progress is being made.


  • Ensure that environmentally responsible products are chosen wherever possible to further reduce environmental impacts of your business.
  • Consider championing a Biodiversity Action Plan species or habitat.
  • Promote biodiversity to suppliers and customers


  • Contact the Sussex Biodiversity Partnership to find about opportunities to become involved in particular projects.
  • Carry out an audit of the direct and indirect impacts of your businesses operations upon the natural environment.
  • Produce an environmental policy statement or company biodiversity action plan.

Further Information

The Business and Biodiversity Resource Centre provides information on how businesses can be involved in environmental conservation.

The Sustainable Development Commission provide information on how the businesses community can engage with sustainable development.

The Wildlife Trusts award the Biodiversity Benchmark to businesses showing a continual biodiversity improvement.

Defra have information for businesses on adapting to climate change.