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Community Groups

Community groups have an essential role in conserving our natural environment, with the knowledge and enthusiasm of local people leading to practical action to improve their area. Sussex Biodiversity Partnership is keen to help community groups by providing the information below that could help turn your ideas into action.

breathing place

Photo: Matt Deering

What can Sussex Biodiversity Partnership do for you?

  • Visit our section on species to find out the requirements of our Biodiversity Action Plan species, to ensure this is integrated into habitat management work.
  • If you think the work of your community group will be helping biodiversity in Sussex, we would love to hear about it

Other sources of help

BBC Breathing Places has lots of ideas of things to do for wildlife in your community

BTCV information, guidance and support for community groups

Community groups we are working with

The Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network
Friends of Hollingbury and Burstead Woods
Sussex Ouse Conservation Society