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Farmers and Landowners

Approximately 60% of Sussex is farmed and many of our Biodiversity Action Plan habitats and species are found on farmland. Farmers and landowners have a vital role in conserving a rich and healthy natural environment and can receive financial support for providing opportunities for biodiversity.

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership has listed below some of the ways in which landowners can enhance opportunities for biodiversity and links to organisations that can provide advice and support.


Photo: Mark Monk-Terry

  • Consider producing a management plan, which identifies habitats and species on your land and the best ways in which they can be conserved and enhanced. Small changes to land management practices can benefit biodiversity.

Sources of advice and support

The Country Land and Business Association is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales.

The Environment Agency advises on managing water, soils and manure, and provides information on catchment sensitive farming.

Farming Futures has information about climate change and how it will affect agriculture.

Farm Wildlife has case studies outlining the experiences of farmers carrying out conservation work on their land.

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group offers a range of advisory services regarding farmland biodiversity.

The Forestry Commission administers the English Woodland Grant Scheme and provides advice on managing farmland woodlands

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust researches game and wildlife management, and the effects of land management practices on the environment.

The Grazing Animals Project provides advice on all aspects of grazing with the natural environment in mind.

Linking Environment and Farming promote Integrated Farm Management to help farmers improve their environment and business performance

The National Farmers Union represents farmers and growers in England and Wales and aims to promote successful and socially responsible agriculture.

Natural England provides free advice for farmers and land managers, and delivers the Government’s programme of financial incentives for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

Sustainable Arable Farming for an Improved Environment presents the findings of a five year project looking at enhancing biodiversity on arable farms.

UK Agriculture aims to widen understanding about the role of agriculture in the countryside, and provides information about improving its biodiversity.