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Individuals and Families

Biodiversity is ultimately lost or conserved at a local level and we can all make a contribution to conserving it. From how we live and travel, to what we buy and throw away, the choices we make in our day to day lives can have a big impact on our environment. Sussex Biodiversity Partnership has listed some ideas below to help you make a contribution to conserving biodiversity.


Photo: Nigel Symington/Sussex Wildlife Trust

  • Become a conservation volunteer to meet new people and keep fit, plus you will be helping to conserve wildlife in your local patch.
  • Help wildlife in your garden by encouraging natural pest removers, providing nectar and pollen sources for birds and insects, or making homes for wildlife. For wildlife friendly gardening ideas visit Natural England.
  • Take part in a wildlife survey – it’s a great way to learn more about the natural world around you.
  • Re-use, recycle and compost where you can – visit Recycle Now for information about recycling, packaging and composting.
  • Visit Energy Saving Trust for ideas on how you can improve your water, gas and electricity efficiency.
  • The Green Pages lists local businesses around Brighton and Hove that have sustainability as a core policy.
  • Off shopping? Buying local produce will help to support the farmers in your community. You could also try switching from harsh cleaning chemicals to natural products, and don’t forget to take your own bags.