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Wildlife Recorders

Recording and monitoring habitats and species is an essential part of conservation. The information gathered gives us important information which is used to inform conservation activities across Sussex. It also helps us to develop a picture of the state of our species, and this will be particularly important with climate change.

SBRC recording day

Photo: Charles Roper/Sussex Wildlife Trust

There are a number of wildlife recording and monitoring projects that you can be involved with, and taking part is a great way to learn about wildlife, meet new people and get out in the countryside. Sussex Biodiversity Partnership has provided links to some of these recording schemes below, for more detailed information about recording in Sussex contact Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.

  • Looking for ways to explore nature? OPAL has activity ideas and surveys for you to get involved
  • Want to share your observations with a forum? Try ispot
  • Unsure how to submit a wildlife record? We have put together a guide



  • Sussex Fungi Group is made up of member who have or would like to develop an interest in fungi

Herptiles (amphibians and reptiles)

Marine Species

  • Seasearch helps sports divers to gather information about marine wildlife and habitats
  • Shoresearch was set up to identify and record animals, plants and habitats of our shorelines

Terrestrial Invertebrates

Terrestrial Mammals

Vascular Plants