Biodiversity Opportunity Areas

Biodiversity Opportunity Areas

Biodiversity Opportunity Areas (BOAs) represent the targeted landscape-scale approach to conserving biodiversity in Sussex. Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) targets will be linked to BOAs wherever possible, increasing effectiveness of work and making reporting easier.

Landscape-scale conservation involves identifying opportunities to expand, link and buffer key sites, and increasing the quality of the entire countryside for wildlife. This approach is vital to ensure our species can adapt to the challenge of climate change.

Conservation of the environment is limited by available funding, and BOAs identify the greatest opportunities for habitat creation and restoration. This will enable focusing of resources to where they will have the greatest positive conservation impact, and provide quality areas in which people want to live and work.

How were they selected?

BOAs where identified through mapping work carried out by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre, to assess the existing biodiversity resource and the potential for restoration and creation. The initial maps where then put out for consultation to over 100 people.

The map below shows the location of our BOAs. We identified 75 BOAs, which cover around 30% of Sussex. A statement has been produced for each to indicate the priorities for that area and these can be found through the tabs on the right.

Sussex Biodiversity Opportunity Areas Map Click on map to enlarge.

Further Information

Further information about Sussex BOAs, including what it means to be inside or outside of one, can be downloaded here

BOAs have been identified throughout the South East and are the regional priority areas of opportunity for restoration and creation of BAP habitats. They are a spatial representation of the BAP targets and are areas of opportunity, not constraint. The BOAs shown on the map do not include all BAP habitat in the region, nor do they include all the areas where BAP habitat could exist. In particular, more work is needed to develop opportunity areas in urban and in marine environments.

The BOAs are the property of the South East England Biodiversity Forum. For more information please visit the South East Biodiversity Strategy website