Community Wildlife Action

Do you dig, cut or build for wildlife? If you are involved with a community group that is working to improve the natural environment in your patch, Sussex Biodiversity Partnership would love to hear from you.

You may be aware that 2010 is International Year of Biodiversity. This is the year by which the UK conservation community aimed to halt the loss of biodiversity. We have not been successful in meeting this target; however a lot of good work is happening that will help us as we strive to meet our 2020 target.

Natterjack Toad

Photo: Paul Stevens/Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership would like to hear about the positive work being carried out for nature in the county, to ensure that the contributions of your group towards targets in the Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan are recognised.

We are keen to hear about any habitat management your group has undertaken, and any highlights for the year, for example the numbers of volunteers in your group, an awareness raising event held in your community, perhaps you have even won an award.

Cinnabar Moth larvae

Photo: Alan Price/Gatehouse Studios/Sussex Wildlife Trust

We would also like to hear how you think Sussex Biodiversity Partnership could help your group. Would you benefit from specific help and advice, for example in fundraising, communication or ecological training?

We need to work together and find creative and imaginative solutions to ensure we can restore healthy and wildlife-rich landscapes for our and future generations. If you think the work of your community group is helping biodiversity in Sussex, we would love to hear about it

House Martins

Photo: Paul Marten/Sussex Wildlife Trust