Species Overview

Our habitats and species are an integral part of Sussex, and the Biodiversity Action Plan aims to ensure people can work together to protect them.

In the UK over 1000 species are listed on the Biodiversity Action Plan as a result of being globally threatened and/or in rapid decline in the UK (more than 50% in the last 25 years). In Sussex we have recorded 508 of these priority species (that’s more than 44%)!

In line with the England Biodiversity Strategy and the South East Biodiversity Strategy, the Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan aims to integrate the needs of species and habitats within landscape-scale delivery.

In Sussex the requirements for our Biodiversity Action Plan species will be used to inform habitat work undertaken. Species not covered by this integration are being identified regionally along with the work necessary to support them and we will work with the relevant bodies to deliver the actions required in Sussex.

Archived Action Plans

Archived Species Action Plans and Species Statements can be downloaded below:

Barn Owl
Black Poplar
Brown Hare (Species Statement)
Brown-banded Carder Bee (Species Statement)
Duke of Burgundy
European Otter
Fen Raft Spider (Species Statement)
Field Cricket (Species Statement)
Great Crested Newt
Marsh Mallow Moth
Skylark (Species Statement)
Song Thrush (Species Statement)
Stag Beetle
Swollen Spire Snail
Water Vole