Non-vascular Plants (mosses, liverworts and stoneworts)

We have recorded 33 priority species of mosses, liverworts and stoneworts in Sussex.

Parmelia caperata

Photo: Alan Price/Gatehouse Studio/Sussex Wildlife Trust

Biodiversity Action Plan non-vascular plant species recorded in Sussex

This includes…

Foxtail Stonewort This distinctive and very rare stonewort is known in the UK from the Outer Hebrides and from five sites in southern England. In Sussex it is known only from a brackish ditch on Thorney Island.

Glaucous Beard-moss A tiny and very rare, bright green moss of chalk or limestone crevices. In our area recorded only from Old Erringham, West Sussex, prior to 1908. Otherwise known in Britain only from Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

Slender Thread-moss A rare and decreasing lowland moss of sheltered acidic rocks recorded from widely scattered localities in the British Isles. It has been recorded from a number of sandrocks in both East and West Sussex recently.

Thatch Moss An ephemeral moss of old straw thatch and the base of grasses and rushes. A declining Oceanic Temperate species confined in Britain to southern England. Only recently recorded in our area from Amberley (1975), West Sussex. Known from East Sussex prior to 1900.

Text: Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre

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